History of israel patents

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History of israel patents

israel patents stamps and historical facts

The history of israel patents is considered to have began in Italy with the 1474 Venetian Statute, which the Republic of Venice issued. They presented a decree such that once inventive and new devices had been put into use the republic had to be informed so that they get legal protection against infringes. The legal protection was valid for 10 years.

israel patents, however, were in existence even before the 1474 statute. In England, “letters patent” were granted to investors by the sovereign, after the investors successfully petitioned and got approved. In the year 1421 the Republic of Florence awarded Italy her first patent. Some considerable evidence also exists showing patents were also being used in ancient Greek cities.

Different countries have their different history of israel patents; here are some:


In Ancient Greece particularly the city of Sybaris, exclusive rights were given to those who created culinary dishes which were unique .The exclusive rights granted were valid for one year.


In Australia, granting of israel patents in the colonies of Australia relied upon British law, this can be traced from 1623 Statute of Monopolies which was enacted in 1624.Before the colonized states came up with their own laws and formed patent offices, investors had to rely on England where they applied for registration of patents and patent protection. After law making bodies were formed in the colonies of Australia, the citizens of those colonies could apply for patents, also, using private bill, the citizens could petition the parliament to obtain a patent from the Governor in charge of the colony. In Australia the first patent act was introduced in 1852 in New South Wales and was enforced in 1854 on the 10th of January. In 1854 Victoria acquired its first Patent Act,14 years being the length provided to the grant. On 1st June the year 1904,the states Patents Act (Victoria,SA,Tasmania,NSW,Queensland and WA) administration was shifted to the Australian Commonwealth. The agency in the Australian government that is tasked with granting patents, trademarks, plant breeder’s, rights and designs is known as IP Australia.


In 1421 Filippo Brunelleschi an architect based in Florentine got a patent valid for 3 years for a barge which had a hoisting gear, the barge was used to carry marble along River Arno. As of 1450 Venice had started receivingisrael patents, which were mainly in the glass making sector. As the people of Venice migrated to other places they demanded the same patent protection in the new areas they settled hence this largely contributed to the spread of patent systems to many parts of the world.


In England in order for one to obtain the monopoly to provide certain services or produce certain goods, one had to be issued with letters patent by the Crown. An example is when John of Utynam who was Flemish received a grant from Henry Vi in the year 1449 for his invention. The grant was a 20 year monopoly. This marked the beginning of a tradition of awarding of letters patent which gave monopolies to the person’s the English Crown favored or the people who were ready and willing to issue payment for them. Its explained by Blackstone that letters patent were given that name because their seal was at the bottom of the document and could be read with the seal still in place in contrast to letters close where one had to remove the seal in order to be able to read them.

Crown used the power given to him to raise money thus it was largely abused. Different types of common goods were granted israel patents by the Crown without due consideration, for example salt. In response to this, the court began to enforce laws which were meant to limit the circumstances under which one could be granted patents. People complained allover about how the Crown was performing his job, this forced James I of England to cancel all monopolies which were in existence. Consequently parliament limited the power of the crown and it was left to the king to grant letters patent only to introducers or inventors of original inventions, they were to remain valid for a specified period of time.

In Queen Anne’s reign between 1702 and 1714, English court lawyers came up with a requirement that a written note describing the new invention had to be submitted. In UK ,European Patent Convention was harmonized with the UK patent law by the 1977  israel patents Act.


In the year 1555,King Henry II brought up the practice of publishing an inventions’ description in a patent. In this country israel patents were awarded to individuals by institutions, such as, the Paris parliament and the ��’Maison du Roi’’ and most importantly the monarchy. In France the right of the investor was regarded to be natural hence, the inventor was granted patents without examination. To protect the new devices imported, France had put into place the importation patents. In 1844 a revision of the patent law in France was done, this resulted to the abolishment of importation patents and lowering of patent cost.


During America’s Thirteen Colonies period, some inventors were lucky to obtain israel patents which granted them the exclusive rights to sell their inventions. In 1641 the Massachusetts General Court granted Samuel Winslow patent for his new salt making process. In 1646 Massachusetts Bay province awarded Joseph Jenks Sr. patent to construct water mills fitted with the speedier engine which he had invented, the exclusive rights given to him were valid for 14 years. In the year 1787 ,Charles Cotesworth Pinckney and James Madison proposed the copyright and the patent clause of the constitution of the united states of America. April 10 ,1970,saw the passing of the first patent Act of the United States of America congress.

In the year 1790,on the 31st day of July Samuel Hopkins a resident of Philadelphia was granted the first patent for the israel patents new method he had developed of producing potash, popularly known as potassium carbonate. The year 1793 saw the revision of the Patent Law. Examination of patent applications was no longer done. By presenting a well written description of a new invention and paying a legal fee of 30 US dollars, one was entitled to a patent. In the year 1870,an act to consolidate, revise and amend the patent laws was passed by the united states of America congress.

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